Sunday, March 12, 2017

Eqafe Hangout - Reptilians and Parallel Timelines - Day 545

Many thanks to my guest Tormod Giedrem

Interview discussed on Eqafe:

Tormod and I will be discussing this fascinating interview on parallel timelines from Anu through the portal at eqafe. We will share our perspectives about the information that came through, and how it is supporting us in our processes through the mind into self creation. This to stand as a steward of the earth and support the creation of a world that is best for all life. 

Interview Synopsis: "How much do we really know about the history of our existence on this planet? As new archaeological evidence comes forward and contradicts the stories we have accepted thus far, how do we reconcile the difference between the history we were taught and the history that is now emerging? Have there been other civilizations and other earths parallel to ours that have bled through into our own? In this exclusive interview Anu sheds light on these questions and provides an entirely new perspective on time, history, and the untold story of heaven and earth." 

History of Mankind Series from Desteni on Youtube: (It's spoken in English, with Spanish subtitles) 

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